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NOOOOOOOOOO!!! :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 3 1 Dwayne Johnson as Merlin :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 4 3 Emma Watson as Frankie :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 3 2 Stefan Karl Stefansson as Hurricane V2 :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 3 2 Powerjohn25 UTTP Misbehaves at Sea World DVD Cover :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 1 1 Set Crossovers in Motion :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 3 Stars of the Sea World Video and Great Wolf Lodge :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Hank Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 4 0 Thomas Adventures Fergus Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Dennis Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Billy Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Mighty Mac Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Neville Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Molly Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Murdoch Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0 Thomas Adventures Arthur Test Packaging :iconmrdankengine:MrDankEngine 2 0


Something I just wanted to post... :iconlordodarkness84:LordODarkness84 231 105 Realistic Diesel 10 :iconthelogocooler:TheLogoCooler 16 2 Ashima Head-On Coloring Page, Colored In :iconfavoriteartman:FavoriteArtMan 31 5 G'day :iconcaledonian-railsmith:Caledonian-Railsmith 29 5
Asking For Users To be in KTTE Generation 2
Hello guys. I'm not sure if you've seen them yet, but I've been doing a series called "Kuno the Tank Engine Generation 2", which is a reboot series to one that a user called Felix Cheng had done in 2007. I've already made 9 episodes of the series so far. I am still continuing to make more episodes, but I thought that maybe I could post this journal to let some other Thomas fans know about the series and see if anybody else would like to be in the series.
Now just so nobody is confused, this is NOT a series where you have to voice in it, it's a series where your username is used for a character. I'm just pointing this out because some people have made this mistake in the past.
If you're wondering what the series is about, I have a playlist of the series right here:
Now, I do have some ideas for some users in this series, so if you're listed here, and like the idea, let me know.
My ideas for users goes as follows
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 2 60
Flying Scotsman and Stepney :icontankengineninja:TankEngineNinja 28 3 Class 10 No.10001 built by Fried Krupp Essen :iconsleeperagent1:SleeperAgent1 49 18 Final (updated) :iconfroggyman145:Froggyman145 29 6 Vinnie and Hank :iconthe-arc-minister:The-ARC-Minister 44 6 Merlin The King Arthur :iconzephyr4501:Zephyr4501 14 4 Thomas his New Friends :iconrattlerjones:RattlerJones 40 8 The Adventure Continues - Percy Runs Away :iconthe-arc-minister:The-ARC-Minister 85 18 The Adventure Continues - Old Iron :iconthe-arc-minister:The-ARC-Minister 141 62 The Class 40 Diesel at Knapford Promo :iconthe-arc-minister:The-ARC-Minister 50 17 Who the heck is that :iconthomasfanforever:ThomasFanForever 41 13 Knapford Station :icongbhtrain:GBHtrain 61 29



Maybe Lexi should be released as an Adventures model next year.
Emma Watson as Frankie
For those that watched Beauty and the Beast (that just came out recently), do you think Emma Watson's voice would suit Frankie?
Finding Dory 4 Pack

Emily - Dory
Thomas - Marlin
Percy - Nemo
Hank - character with the same name

Finding Dory 9 Pack

Belle - Destiny
Arthur - Bailey
Rosie - Becky
Gordon - Fluke
Henry - Rudder
Gator - Gerald
Luke - Otter
Edward - Mr. Ray
Spencer - Crush

Zootopia 4 Pack

Thomas - Nick Wilde
Rosie - Judy Hopps
Edward - Flash
Gordon - Chief Bogo

Zootopia 7 Pack

Diesel - Duke Weaselton
Henry - Yax
James - Officer Clawhauser
Diesel 10 - Feral Tiger
Percy - Finnick
Emily - Gazelle
Toby - Mayor Lionheart

Kung Fu Panda 3 4 Pack

Thomas - Po
Emily - Tigress
Gordon - Li Shan
Edward - Mr. Ping

Kung Fu Panda 3 9 Pack

Diesel 10 - Kai
Toby - Master Shifu
Glynn - Oogway
James - Monkey
Millie - Viper
Percy - Mantis
Henry - Crane
Rosie - Lei Lei
Belle - Mei Mei

Angry Birds Movie 4 Pack

Thomas - Red
Percy - Chuck
James - Bomb
Diesel 10 - Leonard

Angry Birds Movie 9 Pack

Emily - Matilda
Rosie - Stella
Gator - Terence
Bash - Hal
Dash - Bubbles
Diesel - Chef Pig
Paxton - Ross
Toby - Cyrus
Belle - Monica

Secret Life of Pets 4 Pack

Thomas - Max
Toby - Duke
Percy - Snowball
Emily - Katie

Secret Life of Pets 9 Pack

Rosie - Gidget
Millie - Sweet Pea
Edward - Pops
Belle - Chloe
James - Buddy
Gordon - Mel
Diesel - Ozone
Skarloey - Norman
Henry - Leonard

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree 4 Pack

Emily - Crystal Prep Twilight
Molly - Sunset Shimmer
Thomas - Rainbow Dash
Henry - Timber Spruce

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree 9 Pack

Percy - Pinkie Pie
Edward - Fluttershy
Rosie - Applejack
Gordon - Rarity
Diesel - Filthy Rich
Daisy - Gloriosa Daisy
Belle - Principal Celestia
James - Flash Sentry
Mavis - Trixie


MrDankEngine's Profile Picture
Nicholas Hickry
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hi! I'm MrDankEngine

Some of you might know me on YouTube and Twitter and I'm the guy who makes Thomas videos.

My friends:
:iconthemrtraintrack: :iconnoahthegreentank: :icondr2017: :iconthomasfanforever: :iconzephyr4501: :iconstriking4gold4: :iconeli-j-brony:




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